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What is Semen Bank?

Semen banks are commercial centre’s which store various semen samples which can be used for assisted reproduction. Semen samples are collected from selected professional donors who are screened for various parameters. All semen banks have to adhere to ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research, Govt. of India) rules and regulations and as per ICMR norms semen donor program should be anonymous at all times.

Donor semen collection program working as per government guideline (

What is an anonymous sperm donor?

The identity of Anonymous sperm donors always remains confidential.

How do I become a sperm donor?

You can contact INDOGEN CRYOSYSTEMS Spermbank about your interest in becoming a sperm donor.


  • You may approach a INDOGEN CRYOSYSTEMS Spermbank directly.
  • Spermbank need one recent passport size photograph and photocopy with original ID card like election card, Adhar card, Driving licence or Passport.
  • You have to submit photo copy your education qualification.
  • Timing : Start semen donation program, you have to come between 09:00 am to 01:30 pm from Monday to Saturday.

First Visit

  • You will be asked to come in to the bank for a meeting.
  • During this first meeting, you have fill out a very thorough questionnaire about your own medical history and your family history.
  • At that time they will go through their rules and procedures.
  • You have to produce an initial semen sample in the collection room.
  • This initial sample is tested by the lab to see how much sperm is in the ejaculate, its quality, and how well it freezes.
  • Assuming the sample looks good and you meet the bank's basic criteria,

Second Visit

  • You should come after 3 to 4 days abstinence period
  • you will probably be asked to produce another sample of semen and urine for further investigation
  • Spermbank staff will collect your blood sample. These will be thoroughly tested for infectious disease, sexually transmitted diseases or genetic problems. Assuming all of these tests are completed and come back negative you will be able to start regular donations.

Banks ask you to sign a contract agreeing to produce specimens 1-2/ week for at least 4-6/ months or according to requirements.

Am I eligible to become a sperm donor?

Banks look for the following qualifications:

  • Age between 21 & 35 years old.
  • A non smoker, non alcoholic who maintains a healthy life style.
  • Must undergo complete medical & family history.
  • A test through physical & psychological examination & evaluation.
  • Blood test for blood grouping, HIV, hepatitis B & C & other sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Screening for genetic abnormalities.

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